Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm a Republican

So, those of you who have actually heard me talk about politics, know that I am not the most supportive of Obama. I wasn't a huge supporter of McCain either (lets be honest, I was not the most involved person since I was gone for most of all the electional hooha), but there's just something about Obama that makes me nervous. But it just feels like everyone and their dog are supporting him, even friends that I have that I didn't realize were that liberally minded. Which is fine. Politics are such a touchy subject, and I try not to offend people, but I just have to say it. I do not like Obama. I do not like is policies. And I really hope that he doesn't get a chance to put many of them into place. I don't like what his ideas could do to this country. Everyone just hears the word "change" and jumps, thinking that this could be the greatest move ever. But I just don't feel like they are thinking ahead. So, here I am. A fairly conservitive, right wing Republican wondering what the next four years are going to be like, and praying that he's only President for four. But one of my new Sister-in-Law's posted this on her facebook site and I liked it alot. I like that there are republicans in the limelight who aren't just caving in to liberal ideaology. So, if you feel inclined, feel free to read this little blip from Rush Limbaugh (I feel like my Dad that I'm actually posting this) 11609/content/01125113.guest.html.


Mike and Chels said...

OOO ya you go girl! Spread the word spread the word that Obama is a freaking joke! The whole election was just a celebrity contest. It makes me SICK. SICK SICK SICK. But his coming out and saying it like it is just made my heart sing! Because many of my friends also have become Obama fans and its so frightening the ridiculous power he has only because he's freaking black. WHO CARES!?!?!?!?! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm excited to see you have one also! I didn't know you did-yay!

Robin said...

I'm with you! I can't watch the news about the "changes" being made without my blood boiling... anyway, have a great day!!!

Superjulie said...

I love that your first blog since getting married is how mad you are over Obama. I swear that something happens to us around your age and we start listening to talk radio and watching political news. I guess it's from being in the car growing up and that being the only thing on. So my kids are already out of luck.

Laurie said...

Woo! I loved the post, Shell! And I did love the link to the Rush interview, thanks.

I'm with you. And Robin. And Mike & Chels (whoever they are). Oh, and Julie. I'm spooked by all this talk of "change", like just because it's change, it'll be good.

I'm nervous as all hell about the direction that we're headed in. I can't help but feel that so many people have been caught up and swept away in the "first black president-ness" of it all and there haven't been enough questions asked about what, exactly, his plans for change are, and how they'll affect us.

I mean... time'll tell, obviously. But between now and then, I just wanted to say DON'T YOU WORRY YOUR PRETTY LITTLE HEAD, I am one friend (cousin) who won't be mysteriously deciding to change teams. I'm a little too conservative for that, I'm afraid.

I love you, and I loved this post! Thanks for standing up and saying something about what you feel/believe, I loved it!

Shelly said...

Thanks my family (for those of you who don't know Mike and Chels are my in-laws.) Isn't it great to come from a strong conservative family? I love it!