Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I've been Tagged

On facebook and now the blog too! Wowzers!

5 TV shows I watch:
Pushing Daisies
The Office
Robin Hood

5 favorite restaurants:
The Cheesecake Factory--so good Robin! We should go sometime
California Pizza Kitchen--Again, delicious
Indian Palace (in Provo--yummy!)
Jason's Deli
Five Guys

5 things that happened today:
Woke up
Read my scriptures
Tried not to come to work
Came to work
Played on my blog and facebook!

5 things I look forward to:
Thanksgiving! A real one with my family!
Not having to work or go to school on Friday :)
Beth's family coming over
Any time I get to be with Scott
And (of course) Getting Married!!!

5 things on my wish list:
My own cute jeans
Trip to England
Married, married, and married

5 people (and direct family) I tag today:
I don't blog with 5 people...soo....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One more...

So this is my other obsession right now, even though I'm currently on the 2nd book: Well of Ascension. But for those of you who enjoy fantasy books, this is for sure a must! It's freaking incredible!! I have also read Elantris and his book online Warbreaker. All amazing. He has become one of my top 5 authors. So, again, all I want to do is read, which isn't the best of desires at the end of a semester, but I recommend anything written by Brandon Sanderson highly.


So I'm totally lame and addicted, but it's the finale tonight! And I don't like 1.5 of the finale 3, so I'm rooting for Analeigh! This blog has offically become a site about my wedding and my tv show obsessions....yay! :)


Well I got my bridals on Saturday and these are a few of them. I've seen them all, but I don't have the cd yet so these are the ones that my photographer put on her facebook page. :) Aren't we so greatful for facebook!! :)

A lot of these have variations and have color and were edited differently, so as soon as I get those I'll put 'em up! :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Anna beat me to it!

But Beth and her family are flying out Dec 15th until Jan 12! I am SO excited. This is going to be the best Christmas ever. I mean, I get to see my adorable nieces and nephews that I love, one that I haven't even seen yet! And they get to be a part of the Christmas Eve Extravaganza. PLUS They're here for my wedding. How wonderful is it going to be to have the entire family there, and as many as can be in the Temple (sorry Anna!) there also. Amazing. We're going to have to do a session when everyone is here because I want to be with you all in the Celestial Room! But wow. I am just SO happy and excited and feel so blessed. I have the most amazing family in the world!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Engagement Photos

So I just got back the disk of engagement photo's Scott and I took, and who is more honest than my family? So here are some of the more presentable ones, let me know which ones you like! :) Thanks!!!

This is actually James....but Eric took this photo and I think it's so cute! Ok...onto the real ones!



I'm not serious about this one, but I think it's fun so I wanted to show you all! :)


This is just another one that's funny since we both look mega confused...







11-Isn't my ring pretty!

12-I don't really know if I like me in this picture, but I like Scott :)

13- I like this boy :) Just ask Anna haha




So there are at least options. Scott was worried because he doesn't think he's photogenic, but I messed up way more pictures than he did. :) But let me know what you think!